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Flatlay Services

I am so excited to now offer non-denominational, all-inclusive officiant services!

It would be an honor to write you and your partner a custom ceremony, assist with vows and any other elements and rituals you would like to add to your special day.

Working with me provides you:

1-1.5 hours of service (not including drive time) onsite or at disclosed location. If I am not available for the actually wedding day, or you prefer to shoot details after, we can set up an appointment then.

If onsite, I will arrive 30 minutes before photographer to have head start on design.

30 mile driving radius (mileage beyond this will be $1/mile)

1-3 different variations of the details: invite, shoes, rings, etc. that will be set up for you to shoot

My own supplies such as backdrops, other tools, other pieces like stamps, ephemera, etc.

Plan would be to use some florals from the site. You or I can connect with the florist to let them know.  



This includes all of the above plus my expertise, eye for design, and helping take the pressure off of you, giving you more time to focus on the happy couple! 


Elisheba helped us so immensely with officiating our wedding ceremony after someone else we knew personally dropped out last minute. We got in contact with her online and she called us back within minutes- and we were SO RELIEVED we were able to find the perfect fix so last minute! She got to know us, worked with us on all the details, and gave the perfect ceremony! She’s been absolutely awesome and we’re so relieved and blessed to have found her!

Jessica, Curtis, and Ryka (our beautiful Doberman)

I look forward to working with you!

 Thanks for submitting!

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